September 2009
Welcome Back to Noizefront.  We have a band you have to look into,  check out
inema Bizarre. For the Eye candy we have Romeo of Cinema
Bizarre; Who are now releasing their debut album here in the United
States! Vote for them to come tour here! Also Look for their Second Cd, Toys to
be out soon! This band was buzzworthy so check them out!

We  have an interview with Showgirl Suicide!

Also Placebo's new cd is a must have as is Toyz or Bang By Cinema Bizarre! Got
get yours today!

Noizefront is on
TRIG. Go Check out this cool place for all
the bands and for exclusive footage on the 69 Eyes! Get a profile and
learn what Trig is all about!

We have
Lynn Malpass (MLM Photography) working with us
as a  Photographer and putting out some reviews for us. Check out her stuff on

Photos by Shalom have been featured on the 69 Eyes U.S.
here and on Xavior's (Placebo fame) website to name a few.
Welcome Back to Noizefront!
Thank you  so much for your patience. We have been  busy with  
personal things

Gig Reviews
Wednesday 13
Dope Stars Inc.

Upcoming Gig

Cinema Bizarre

Cd Reviews

Coming soon
Cinema Bizarre
and more

Showgirl Suicide

Coming Soon


His MySpace!

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August 09