The Muff (Naked) took some time out of the studio to answer some
questions we put to him. We talked about Ghost Moose, a little bit about
the upcoming album and what he can't live without on the road.
NF: If you had o describe your band to American’s how would you do so?
The Muff: We would really appeal to the Village people fans!

NF: How would you describe your band mates?
The Muff: They are fantastic lads!

NF: What is your favourite songs you have written and why?
The Muff: Well I'd have to say all the songs on the forthcoming album; they can turn cream into butter!

NF: What is your favourite venue to play?
The Muff: Anywhere actually, but in Finland I would have to go with Nosturi. There is always a good vibe there.

NF: What is your favourite song to perform?
The Muff: Well we haven’t played any new songs live yet so it's hard to say. But from the old stuff...Revolution causes it gets the crowd going bonkers.

NF: What was your favourite city to perform in?
The Muff: All of them! Wherever people drink beer and like to get naked.                

NF: What is the one thing that always goes through your head before you head on stage?
The Muff: Not to fuck up! And have a great time!

NF: What is one of your all time favourite bands?
The Muff: Kiss but there are so many, like the old Motown bands, the Beatles, the list goes on and on.

NF: When was it you realized you wanted to be a musician?
The Muff: When all of the planets lined up back in 1998!

NF: What was the first song you learned to play?
The Muff: I can't remember. I've always been crap at playing other peoples songs. So at a very early stage I started to write my own. It was probably a
song about cars and chicks when I was 13.

NF: Name one band you would like to tour with.
The Muff: Aerosmith, they are the best!

NF: What should fans expect from you in the future?
The Muff: Great tunes, fantastic shows, bringing fun back to rock, train wrecks and confetti.

NF: How do you want to be remembered?
The Muff: As being stiff and smiling, no I hope that people will dig the band for a long time to come.

NF: Tell us tour story?
The Muff: This is a hard one......But I'll tell you one thing Zack may look like a boy but he's built like a man.

NF: What is your favourite book? And what would you say about it to make others want to read it?
The Muff: Any lexicon, there is everything you need to know and a lot more.

NF: What is the one CD you cannot live without while on the road?
The Muff: Prince greatest hits! Go and buy it now!!!!!!

NF: Which cd do you feel should have never been made?
The Muff: KISS Psycho Circus. It kind of killed it for me. I was waiting for that album like a horny donkey for another donkey but it sucked a golf
ball through a hose.

NF: What are your current favourite bands and / or songs?
The Muff: I am pretty excited about the new NAKED album. It is spectacular!

NF: What is the weirdest / strangest thing you have been sent by a fan?
The Muff: You can't post that [Smirks]

NF: What is the one thing that you dread about touring?
The Muff: Getting sick, that's a bummer. But we have been all right so far, but yeah that sucks donkey dick.

NF: Tell us a random fact about anything...
The Muff: GLOBAL WARMING!!!!!!!!!! is happening.

NF: What do you do to relax?
The Muff: I put on a movie and have a beer.

NF: What is your favourite movie and what kind of movies do you like?
The Muff: The Blues brothers, I love it, I've seen it 50 times. The story and the music are awesome.

NF: Which of the seven deadly sins do you most resemble and why?
The Muff:
1.1 Lust (Latin, luxuria)
1.2 Gluttony (Latin, gula)
1.3 Greed/Avarice (Latin, avaritia)
1.4 Sloth/Laziness (Latin, acedia)
1.5 Wrath/Anger (Latin, ira)
1.6 Envy/Jealousy (Latin, invidia)
1.7 Pride/Hubris/Vanity (Latin, superbia)
All of these.

NF: Do you believe in ghosts and have you ever had a creepy experience?
The Muff: I believe in the ghost moose! It is really scary! I will not tell you what it did to my ass.

NF: What was the best Holiday you have ever had?
The Muff: Greece man...Loved it.

NF: What scares you? Is there any film, story or place that frightens you?
The Muff: Well the moose of course and carnies.

NF: What is the one thing on the road you cannot live without?
The Muff: Wheels! And Zack's body odor! My swag and stuff and of course all the band gear. The most important one is the Miami vice complete
deluxe box DVD set.

NF: What's the last thing you heard or read in the news that pissed you off?
The Muff: Everything that's going on in the world, if you want reality TV just put on the news. We are living some scary times.

NF: If a fan were to bring you a care pack while you're on the road, what could you find inside that would make you smile?
The Muff:....Hairspray, snus, some movie and a t-shirt. Or something really weird that would crack me up!

NF: If we were ever in Finland, where would you suggest we go?
The Muff: Out on the town with me!