Jinxx-The Dreaming Written by Red
NF: What are you up to these days?  

Jinxx: I’m in pre-production right now with my new band The Dreaming (with ex-Stabbing Westward singer Chris Hall, ex-Stabbing
Westward/Econoline Crush drummer Johnny Haro, and ex-Leisure bassist Brent Ashley).  Check us out myspace.com/thedreaming.  
We’re going into the studio in a few days to record our album with producer Toby Wright.  Also working on Drastics stuff I
recorded over the holidays with Dizzy when I get time.

NF: What is your one true passion?  

Jinxx: Passion itself.  

NF: What did you want to be when you were younger?  

Jinxx: A sexual predator.

NF: Do you have any tattoos or piercings?  

Jinxx: I’ve got a bunch of random shit on my arms I’ve gotten here and there over a period of time.  I would like to just sleeve ‘em
out eventually.

NF: How did the photograph of you and the needles come about?


NF: How would you describe Dizzy Draztik?  

Jinxx: One of the best lyricists/friends I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  And quite possibly the drunkest.  We may get
more destruction than work done when we’re around each other, but the end result is always a good story to tell.  He is fucking
family to me.

NF: How would you describe Casey Chaos?  

Jinxx: We don’t talk anymore.  Let’s just say he has trouble enough keeping himself together, little alone a band.

NF: Where do you see yourself in ten years time and what would you like to
have achieved?  

Jinxx: It would be really cool to not be homeless and eating ramen anymore.  

NF: How did you get started in the music industry?  

Jinxx: My parents both played in bands.  They gave me my first guitar when
I was 2.  At 8, I started playing all these bar gigs with my dad playing cheesy
covers to all these scary slobbering drunk old people going “aww that’s so
adorable…”  I’ve played in a shitload of bands since then.  Me and my dad
haven’t spoken in 10 years.

NF: What are your musical influences?   

Jinxx: Randy Rhoads, Andres Segovia, Paganini, Bach—that’s where it all

NF: Do you have any future tour plans in the works?  

Jinxx: Gotten a few offers, but nothing confirmed at this time.

NF: Where would you most like to perform?  

Jinxx: My band’s headlining the Whiskey on Friday…I suppose that was always a dream of mine when I was younger.  I dunno.  I
got to play all these big outdoor rock festivals when I was in Amen….but I think I prefer playing in smaller, more intimate places
where you really get to interact with the crowd, and you’re not 20 feet in the air separated by a fucking ten-foot gap between the
stage and the audience.  I really hate that.

NF: Name one band you'd like to tour with?  

Jinxx: I would like to do the Warped Tour with The Dreaming.  That would be cool.  But I think The Drastics, Wednesday 13, and
whatever bastardization of Amen at the time should tour together.  That would be fucking HILARIOUS!  Ooh, and maybe DOPE too!  
Ha ha.

NF: What was your worst touring experience?

Jinxx: Amen tour ’05.  But more specifically being stranded in Amsterdam with no money, all this great food, legal drugs, hookers,
and absinthe, and absolutely NO WAY to enjoy ANY of it.  Now THAT fucking SUCKED.  Plus all the concussions, broken ribs,
starvation, and facing homelessness and debt when we got back.

NF: What one CD should never have been made?  

Jinxx: Anything that has ‘Ashlee Simpson’ on it.  Fuck that fake bitch.

NF: What is the one CD you can't live without?  

Jinxx: Ashlee Simpson’s CD.  I don’t know if I could live in this world without hating Ashlee Simpson.

NF: Who are your favourite, current and old school, bands?  

Jinxx: Old Ozzy, GnR, Skid Row, early Crue, early Metallica, Ratt….all the shit I listened to growing up with MTV.

Sex / Drugs / Rock ‘N’ Roll?  
Jinxx Anal, plentiful, and sleazy, in whatever order.
Iowa / L.A?  
The Ninth Layer of Hell/Purgatory
Gatorade / Sobe?
Jinxx:  Jack Daniels
Lemon / Vanilla?  
Jinxx: Neither.  I like the Strawberry-flavored Vodka
SlipKnot / Murderdolls?   
Jinnx: Umm….is this a question?  Slipknot I guess,
since I kinda grew up with the singer.  My older
brother and Corey started their first band together in
my mom’s trailer when they were like 15.  As far as
their music though, I don’t really listen to that shit to
be honest.  And last I checked the Murderdolls aren’t
even a band anymore.  I saw Eric and Ben at NAMM
the other day.  I think Ben’s in Dope now.  That’s just
too funny.

NF: Which of the Seven Deadly Sins best represents your personality and why?  

Jinxx: Gluttony.  I’m a big huge fat guy trapped in a little guy’s body.  But also lust, of course.  I’m a bit of a sexaholic.

NF: If a fan were to bring you a carepack, what could you find inside that would make you smile?  

Jinxx: Eyeliner, hairspray, and a flat iron.  And food.

NF: Do you believe in ghosts and have you ever had any creepy experiences?  

Jinxx: We lived in a haunted house when I was a kid.  The scariest shit I’ve ever experienced in my life.  Fucked me up for years,
and I still have nightmares about it.  And I don’t believe in ghosts.  To me, that’s like believing in Santa Claus or Jesus.

NF: Tell us a random fact about anything...  

Jinxx: I’m terrified of spiders, but I’ve recently taken an interest in this batch of black widows that live in the alley behind my
singer’s house.  Every time I go over at night, they’re all out, and me and him will sit there and feed them crickets and watch them
for hours

NF: What was your opinion on how Hurricane Katrina was handled?  

Jinxx: Just like anything else handled by our government these days.  Apparently, people in Iraq are more important than our own

NF: What is your opinion on The Bush Administration?  

Jinxx: It has all the elements of the Nazi Regime except only a mentally-retarded version of Hitler as it’s head.  I mean, I don’t have
anything against disabled people or anything, but if you want to run a successful dictatorship, you should at least get someone who
can put sentences together at a two-year-old’s level to address the minions.

NF: How do you feel about the Tripp Eisen allegations?  

Jinnx: Metal Skool’s not the same without you dude.  Hope it all works out for ya buddy…

NF: Oh, and why ‘Jinxx’?  

Jinxx: I used to play guitar for this industrial hard-core band some years back.  Everyone had all these super hero names like ‘Hybrid’
and ‘Sub-freq’ and shit like that.  I was a bit of a nut, so my name was ‘Jinxx’.  The name just kinda stuck.  If you ever met me,
you’d understand how it fits…
NF: What is the worst rumour you have ever heard about

Jinxx: That I am not gay.

NF: What do you do to relax?  

Jinxx: Masturbate.  Or play guitar.  Or try to play guitar with
my wiener.

NF: What is your favourite movie and why?  

Jinxx: That would have to be “Kaviar fur Alle”.  It’s this
German scheisse film that Casey had.