Kenny Kweens- Villains of Vaudeville written by Red
We sat down with the lovely Kenny Kweens in Los Angeles and he had a lot to say.
It had been years since I had spoken to Kenny, he was in a band known as
Shake the Faith when we first met.   Kenny shares with us his current projects
and thoughts on his new name.. Sugar Jo Kweens! Any way enough retrospect
on with the questions!

NF: If you had to describe your band how would you do so?

KK: Drunk, weird, obnoxious and aggravating

NF: Describe your band mates.

KK: Drunk, weird, obnoxious and aggravating

NF: What is your favourite song that you have written and why?

KK: Well Villains of Vaudeville is in its beginning stages, so there’s more to
come, but at this point “The Devil is Waiting” is the slight

NF: What is your favourite venue to play?

KK: Without a doubt the Key Club on the Sunset Strip out here in Hollywood,
CA. Jerry and Keith Pressman run a great place over there. The staff and crew are always very cool.

NF: What is your favourite song to perform?

KK: In Beautiful Creatures it was “Ride” It was always our opener and it just sets the tone of the show. In Villains of Vaudeville it
would be “Plastic Jesus.”

NF: What was your favourite city to perform in?

KK: That’s tough. There’s a few for different reasons, but if I had to pick one I’d say Tokyo, Japan.

NF: What is the one thing that always goes through your head before you head on stage?

KK: Let’s fuck some shit up!

NF: What is one of your all time favourite bands?

KK: Man, you really like to narrow things down to ONE! Bands are like candy, it’s hard to pick just one favourite. But I have always
highly respected Nine Inch Nails and Zombie.

NF: Well sometimes if you don’t you get boys going on and on for hours! (Smiles) But a few more is ok too.
What do you think about the new NIN that you have heard so far?

KK: I think it’s good. It has a fresh sound to it without losing the old style. I like it. I love that when you first get the CD it is black,
but after you play it turns white. That kinda stuff is always fun.

NF: When was it you realized you wanted to be a musician?

KK: The first time I sat in the middle of a burning pentagram of fire of course. Ah, I can remember it well, when I breathed in the
smell of fresh virgin blood that was painted on the walls, I knew right then... Oh! Um, eh did I say that out loud? Actually, it was
when I picked up an old guitar out of my fathers closet and strummed my first chords, it came easy.

NF: What was the first song you learned to play?

KK: I think they’re the voices inside my head and if so, I wish they would keep it down... I'm trying to think.

NF: How do you want to be remembered?

KK: Someone once told me, “I’ve met all of your kind before…” And to be honest, they were wrong. I may not be all that different
or special or as famous to them as all the rest, but I consider myself to have integrity and class. Not only is that rare in this business,
but it’s always been important to me to have style. Most think they do, but they are confusing it with arrogance and ignorance, there
is a difference.

NF: Tell me a tour story?

KK: Once upon a time there was this rock band that fucked a bunch of groupies… WHAT IS THIS?! You want me to tuck you in
too?! Same groupies, just different bands… You’ve heard it all before. Band gets on bus, band goes from town to town, groupies
come backstage to try build up their self-esteem by fucking band, band goes to next town, groupies wait for next band.

NF: (Laughs) Well that isn’t exactly all I expected, but at least you are honest! Have you had a typical Spinal tap moment?

KK: Yes, this interview.

NF: What is your favourite book. And what would you say about it to make others want to read it?

KK: Playboy, because the pictures are nice.

NF: What is the one CD you cannot live without while on the road?

KK: We would have disco parties on the bus after the show. We would turn off the main lights and turn on our disco lights,
everybody would be dancing and drinking and well you know… So whatever that disco mix CD is called…? Oh and Norah Jones,
Come Away With Me. It puts me to sleep. I know, I know, you said ONE! Well honey you got twice as much fo' free! What’s the
word? Thunderbird! What’s the price? Twice as nice!

NF: Which cd do you feel should have never been made?

KK: Too many to name, but I’m not really into ragging on other people, so I will keep my opinion to myself. I think that’s lame when
people rip on other people. It’s just someone’s opinion. I do find it interesting to find out why some people like what I consider not
very good. Most of the time it’s not the music that they are listening to, it’s how cute or popular they are at the time and when that
trend is gone, they move on to whatever else is being shoved down their throats.

NF: What are your current favourite bands and / or songs?

KK: I like ‘When you were young’ by The Killers, ‘Sister’ by She Wants
Revenge, ‘Buttons’ by the Pussy Cat Dolls… I just got the new one by Patty
Griffin I love her new song ‘Heavenly Day’ and the new Nine Inch nails is really
good, I like the song ‘The Beginning of the End’ but I’ve got to get to know the
rest of it better.

NF: What is the weirdest / strangest thing you have been sent by a fan?

KK: Girl’s panties…. I mean, I get it, but what do you want me to do with them?
I usually get candy. I’m a candy freak! I LOVE sugar! I love sugar so much,
when I was a kid they called me sugar. I should start going by that name again.
My middle name is Jo, so what do you think of Sugar Jo Kweens? I like it!
Sounds like a boxer or something. As of right now, from here on in, that’s
my new name! Anyway, what was the question? Of yeah weirdest / strangest
gift. I once got a portable cotton candy maker.

NF: I’m not sure, I always wondered why they were a gift that was given
over something useful on the road such as socks! Candy? Well then I will be
sure to make sure we hook you up with some lovely European Chocolates or
hard candy so it won't melt! Now a cotton candy maker has got to the oddest
gift from a fan!  What exactly did you do with it on a tour bus?

Sugar Jo Kweens: I made cotton candy with it.

NF: I meant where did you put it?

SJK: It was portable. (Spoken very slowly) In America that means small or not very big, so you can carry it around with you. It just
made handful portions. It kinda looks like a spinning top, you know all colorful, like something out of the old Willy Wonka movie.

NF: What is the one thing that you dread about touring?

SJK: Hearing bad jokes all day.

NF: What song would you love to cover with the original band members if you could?

SJK: I think covers should be older songs at least 15 to 20 years old. So maybe ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ by Steppenwolf or ‘Hair of the
Dog’ by Nazareth or maybe ‘Long Way To Go’ by Alice Cooper…. I know, I know, just one.

NF: Tell us a random fact about anything...

SJK: My dog Starla is cooler than Snoopy!

NF: What do you do to relax?

SJK: That’s hard for me to do, but sometimes a nice hot bath will do the trick.

NF: What is your favourite movie and what kind of movies do you like?

SJK: I don’t watch movies, because it’s hard for me to sit still and watch something that has been redone over and over. Most
movies just seem too redundant. I get bored and think there’s got to be something better that I could be doing with my time right now.
It’s hard to keep me entertained.

NF: Which of the seven deadly sins do you most resemble and why?

SJK: That’s tough. It would be easier to say which one I don’t resemble. I don’t really envy anyone or anything, so envy would be
the one I least resemble with sloth coming in at a close second. Like I said, I’m not very good at doing nothing that drives me crazy.
The only thing I can sit and watch on TV all day long is football. I love football! And I’m talking about the NFL, not your soccer
stuff. My team is the New Orleans Saints and I’ve got to watch them every weekend when it’s football season. I never miss a game. I
got big love for my Saints!

NF: Do you believe in ghosts and have you ever had a creepy experience?

was a ploy you see to see if I could woo you! (LAUGHS).....I didn't expect Madame Lalaurie to inspire this. But then she was quite
the sadist as the story goes. Wow ok that is the creepiest one I have heard so far.  Yes.. moving on.. What was the best holiday you
have ever had?

SJK: 2004 Christmas was really good. Everything was perfect. It even snowed down in Mississippi on Christmas day. It was the last
really good memory I have of how my hometown was before Hurricane Katrina hit.

NF: What are your thoughts on the way that all that was handled and the fact that people are still living in the FEMA trailers while
money is spent on other things (such as Iraq)

SJK: I don’t like to get too political. I understand we are doing the best we can as a country. Nothing against other countries in the
world, but I’m proud to an American and I believe this is the best country to live in without a doubt. I would love for everything to
perfect, but we don’t live in a perfect world and never will. My heart goes out to the people of the Gulf Coast region and to our troops
and their families.

NF: What scares you? Is there any film, story or place that frightens you?

SJK: Not much. I am afraid I can see up your skirt right now, but I ain’t scared of anythang!

NF: (laughs a bit) What is the one thing on the road you cannot live without?

SJK: My iPod and my Bose noise reduction headphones. I’ve got to drown out the stupidness that is going around me. Everything
seems better with a soundtrack to it.

NF: What is the most played album on your iPod?

SJK: Mine. No, I have a Rob/White Zombie mix that gets the most plays.

NF: What's the last thing you heard or read in the news that pissed you off?

SJK: The Saints let Joe Horn go. For those of you that don’t know, Joe Horn was a wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints and a
fan favourite. Anyway, I’m not really sure what happened, but it pissed me off! This happened months ago and I’m STILL pissed off
about it! No really, Paris Hilton is trying to get special treatment in jail. . Check it out, it doesn’t matter how famous your face or name
is or how much money you have. No one is above the law. Listen, if a famous person hurts or kills a non-famous person, it doesn’t
make it ok because the person is famous. Mrs. Hilton needs to give O.J. Simpson a call so they can do lunch. Now I’m not calling
Paris a killer, but something similar could have happened and she needs to learn from it. She could have hurt or killed someone else
and that is why her fine little ass is sitting in jail. That will teach ya!

NF: If a fan were to bring you a care pack while you're on the road, what could you find inside that would make you smile?

SJK: Well that depends on what’s going on at the time. On the last tour after one of our disco parties and a night of debauchery
Olympics I guess some girls made it to the bunk hall. Well I had just done my laundry that day so everything was folded on my bunk.
I guess they wanted to take some souvenirs home, so they stole my underwear. So underwear would have been a nice gift at that
time. But on the norm, anything with a fleur de lis on it, candy, but not chocolate, it melts. Um, I like music, so CDs…. maybe a cool
t-shirt or jewelry…. Or keys to a new car, along with a rubics cube, a gorilla suit and a brief case full of unmarked bills, so I can
make my grand escape!

NF: They stole your fucking underwear? What is up with some people? When we see you next, we can make sure we hook you up
with underwear and socks ok?

SJK: Thank you! I’m going to hold you to that!
KK: I’m not really for sure, but it would have to have been something easy by like
the Ramones or old Joan Jett. I started off playing a more punk style, because of
the attitude and the simplicity. I think the first song may have been “Starfucker.”

NF: Name one band you would like to tour with.

KK: Here you go again with the just ONE thing! I’m gonna give you 3! HA! What
do you think about that?! Zombie, Nine Inch Nails or Godsmack.

NF: What should fans expect from you in the future?

KK: My newest project is called Villains of Vaudeville, which I am singing in. I
really never wanted to sing. I didn’t even like singing back up in other projects and
I don’t really consider what I do singing. It’s more like gargling with gasoline, but
hey, some people have made a pretty good living breathing fire. At first I just
wanted to record some songs just to have and it kinda turned into something.
Tracy Swider from Hate Times Nine is producing it and Anthony Focx from
Beautiful Creatures is mixing and mastering it. The Villains will either have an EP
or an LP come out sometime late this year, but in the mean time you can listen to
the demos on our myspace page
Also, Merchandise and other goodies.

NF: Who are the Villains of Vaudeville?
SJK: Well my mother is a witch and a bit crazy, but that’s another story… I
used to fall asleep every night to the sounds of a cursor scratching on an
Ouija board. I’m also from the New Orleans area, so I’ve got quite a few. I
can’t tell all of them, because it would take too long, but one of my creepiest
experiences was when I had my bike stolen and my mother asked the Ouija
board where it was and it told us. I got the bike back, but the worst part was,
it said something tragic would happen to the person the who stole it. With in
the year they were killed in a car accident, burned to death. So now that I’ve
cheered you up…

NF: Wow ok that is probably the creepiest one I have head so far…. One
night you will have to share more with me. I love good ghost stories. It is one
of my favourite things to chat about. Growing up in that area I am sure you
know about the Lalaurie legends, what are your thoughts on all of that?

SJK: Are you trying to get all kinky with me right now? I mean, if you are
just come out and say it. You want to tie me up right now don’t you?

NF: (laughs) Yup you got me! that is why I wanted to do this interview! It